Aluminum Treatment

Aluminum treatment involves processes designed to enhance the metal's surface and structural properties.

Covering, Drossing, Cleaning Fluxes

Covering, drossing, and exothermic fluxes are essential in metallurgy for improving metal quality and yield during melting and casting.

Sodium Free Flux

Sodium-free fluxes are designed for metal treatment processes where the presence of sodium could negatively affect the metal's properties

Fluoride Free Flux

Fluoride-free fluxes are innovative solutions designed for metal treatment processes, specifically targeting environmental and health concerns associated with fluoride emissions.

Sodium and calcium free fluxes

The Sodium and Calcium Free Fluxes section offers specialized agents for metal refining, ensuring high purity and performance without sodium or calcium contamination.

Fluxes for alkali removal

Fluxes for alkali removal are specialized chemical compounds used in the metal casting process to eliminate alkali metals, such as sodium and potassium, from molten aluminum

Furnace wall cleaning flux

Wall cleaning fluxes are specially formulated compounds used in the metal casting industry to clean the interior walls of melting furnaces

Demaging flux

The Demagging Flux section presents solutions for reducing magnesium content in alloys, crucial for improving metal quality and casting properties.

High pressure die casting flux

The High Pressure Die Casting Flux section features products enhancing metal flow and quality in high-pressure casting processes, key for precision manufacturing.

Degassing flux

Degassing flux in powder form.

Reclamation of aluminum from hot skimming

Fluxes for reclamation of aluminum from hot dross are designed to efficiently recover aluminum from the dross generated during the melting process

Degassing tablets

Degassing tablets are used in the metallurgical process to remove unwanted gases from molten metals

Mould release agent

Ingot release agents are specialized formulations applied to molds to ensure the easy and clean release of ingots after solidification

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