Trading Divisions

CFC Egypt's Trading Division offers products like ferroalloys and pure metals for steel making and casting, enhancing material properties such as strength and corrosion resistance.

Ferro Alloys

Ferro Alloys, crucial for steelmaking, combine iron with elements like silicon and manganese to enhance steel's strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance, supporting varied industries like construction and automotive.

Carbon Additives

Carbon additives, like graphite and coke, are crucial in metallurgy for refining steel and iron, enhancing strength and durability by optimizing carbon content and metal quality for industrial use.

Refractory Materials

The Refractory Materials section focuses on substances resistant to heat and wear, essential for lining furnaces and kilns in industries like steel and glass, ensuring durability and efficiency in high-temperature processes.

Metallurgical Solutions

The Metallurgical Solutions section offers expertise and technologies for metal processing and improvement, catering to industries like aerospace and automotive for enhanced material performance and innovation.

Pure Metals

Magnesium and silicon are essential elements in aluminum melting processes, enhancing the properties of the final alloys specially 6063 alloys for aluminum profiles.

Master Alloys

Master alloys are essential in aluminum alloys treatment, providing precise control over the composition of aluminum alloys. They consist of a base metal and alloying elements, such as titanium boron, boron ,magnesium, silicon, copper, and manganese.

Aluminum Alloys

CFC with collaboration with BOSS METALS export Aluminum Ingots with Competitive Price that conforms to international standards and has been inspected many times.

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