The Manufacturing page showcases our state-of-the-art production facilities and innovative processes, highlighting our ability to deliver high-quality products efficiently. It emphasizes our commitment to using cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to meet diverse customer needs while minimizing environmental impact. This page reflects our dedication to excellence in manufacturing and our role as a trusted leader in the industry.

CFC production plant is located in Sadat city an Organized industrial zone, such location supporting our capabilities to achieve our targeted cross-country customer satisfaction level. CFC factory is equipped with full production lines satisfies the planned productivity level serving and meeting the forecasted planned five years sales figures for both metallurgical and construction local and export markets.

CFC manufacturing process is designed to easily be customizable to fit ever-changing market solutions. The selected production systems stress the process’ ability to make modifications to our product quickly and adapt to changes in the volume of goods produced.

CFC attempt to remain competitive by allowing small-run batches and the ability to cheaply customize their products for clients to provide a competitive advantage. Flexibile manufacturing strategy allows CFC to adapt to market changes more More rapidly than other competitors .
CFC employ workers with multiple skill sets to assume different roles as needed and developing a process that produces a high percentage of goods that passes quality control on the first pass. By maximizing efficiency, costs will be under intensive control leading to provide our customers the most cost-effective solutions.

CFC manufacturing process is designed to suit our marketing strategy that requires the rapid and continual introduction of a new product. Manufacturing planning is completely alligned and coordinate with Marketing and Financial strategies which is supported CFC long-term competitiveness.