Construction Chemicals

Construction chemicals enhance materials' durability and performance in building, including admixtures and waterproofing solutions, vital for modern construction's strength, sustainability, and environmental friendliness.

Admixtures for Mortar & Concrete

Admixtures for mortar and concrete enhance mixture properties like workability and durability, crucial for meeting modern construction standards and ensuring structural longevity.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment includes concrete curing compounds and mold release agents, protecting fresh concrete and enhancing mold release with superior chemical formulations.

Grouts & Anchors

Grouts and anchors bolster structural stability, filling voids and securing elements to ensure safety and longevity in construction and refurbishment, withstanding environmental factors.

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair products restore damaged concrete, addressing cracks and structural weaknesses to maintain integrity and extend infrastructure lifespan, crucial for buildings, roads, and bridges.


Flooring products, including sealers and coatings, enhance strength and aesthetics for commercial to residential floors, ensuring durability, safety, and easy maintenance across settings.

Protective Coating

Protective coatings shield surfaces from corrosion and damage, forming a barrier against moisture and UV radiation, essential for extending the life of structures in industries like construction and automotive.

Joint Sealant

Joint sealants ensure the integrity of construction joints by preventing water and chemical ingress, accommodating movement while maintaining seal, crucial for concrete slabs and pavements' longevity and safety.


Waterproofing products, including membranes and sealants, prevent water ingress on roofs, walls, and foundations, enhancing durability and integrity of structures, safeguarding against damage and extending lifespan.


Construction adhesives bind materials with durable bonds for tasks like tile laying and woodworking, resisting environmental conditions to ensure bond integrity, crucial for both new builds and renovations.

Special Epoxy Systems

Special Epoxy Systems provide advanced bonding with exceptional durability for construction, ideal for high-stress environments with chemical exposure and extreme temperatures, ensuring integrity and protection across applications.

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