Raw Materials

Metallurgical processes rely heavily on the utilization of various raw materials to achieve desired outcomes in metal production, refinement, and treatment. Among these materials, sodium silicofluoride (Na2SiF6) holds significant importance, particularly in the formulation of fluxes.




Sodium fluorosilicate is a White powder with a very low solubility in water, and insoluble in alcohol.

Sodium fluorosilicate, is commonly used as the main active components in fluxes formulations used for the melting of light metals, SSF is the source of fluorides which act as a surfactant with the liquid metal affecting surface tension between other component flux, liquid metal and aluminum oxide. As the flux wets the interface between aluminum oxide particles and the liquid metal so the adhesion force between the liquid aluminum and the oxides decreases.

Also, SSF can act as an opacifier for use in opalescent glass, in the manufacture of frits, enamels and ceramic colors, in wood preservatives and fungicide, water fluoridation and surface treatments, as a concrete additive and manufacturing of other fluoride chemical (like sodium fluoride, magnesium-silicofluoride, cryolite, aluminum fluoride) production.

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