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Our Vision
At CFC, we believe that we are operating in a rapidly changing era where staying ahead of the curve is crucial.  Since our inception, our founders have been committed to upholding high ethical standards and creating innovative products and services that bring value to our customers. Our ultimate vision is to become a trusted and preferred company for all our stakeholders.

Our management vision revolves around providing "New and Different Chemical Solutions" Guided by this vision, we leverage our unique blend of technical expertise and commercial experience to offer competitive solutions to our customers. We go beyond simply selling products; we strive to deliver value-added solutions that address their specific needs.

Moving forward, we aspire to foster a corporate culture where every member of the CFC team embraces the spirit of self-help and takes initiative. We are committed to thoroughly understanding societal and customer expectations, exploring ways to meet and exceed these expectations, and taking decisive action to provide value. Our goal is to cultivate stronger relationships built on trust with all our stakeholders.

We express our gratitude to all the stakeholders who have supported the establishment and rapid growth of CFC. We are confident that with the dedication and commitment of our team members, we will consistently meet and surpass the high expectations placed upon us by our valued stakeholders.

At CFC, we are driven by our vision to continuously innovate, adapt to change, and deliver exceptional solutions that make a difference in the chemical industry.
Headquarter: 69 D-Gardenia Street, Hadayek El Ahram, Giza, Egypt
Factory: Factory No.9, 4th Industrial Zone Extension, Sadat City, Egypt
Telephone: (+202) 33806027
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